The production division creates, develops, and produces various theatrical and on camera projects.  The division is passionate about developing thought provoking, character driven projects from inception to completion.  It produces original content as well as adaptations and continues to seek out unique material.  Finally, the production division works closely with the talent management division to develop challenging projects, which enable Esquire’s clients to achieve artistic growth and create platforms for additional opportunities.


  Dirty Pop (One Hour Dramedy)  – The series focuses on a 20-something aspiring singer-songwriter who works a day job at a major music cable network. Despite a lack of support of her artistic dreams from friends and family, she harnesses undeniable talent and natural business savvy to try and make a name for herself in the music industry – at a time when the digital revolution began to change everything. The series will guide audiences through the nostalgic musical era, its eccentric personalities and larger-than-life icons, with plenty of comedic bumps along the way.
  Bounty (Thirty Minute Comedy) – It’s 1893 and the Mexican bandito, Jesus Torres, has been apprehended by the cocky bounty hunter, Christopher Webb. The hunter becomes the hunted when Marshal Cedric Tarleton frames Christopher for a crime he didn’t commit. The ill-matched duo of Christopher and Jesus must join forces to navigate the New England landscape and elude Cedric’s posse. With begrudging help from a pair of feisty prostitutes, the two wanted men battle lawmen and tussle with the Irish Mob. Overcoming their cultural differences, they must work together to clear Christopher’s name and save Jesus’ daughter from an evil, sadistic priest before it’s too late.
  The Knowing (One Hour Drama) – The Knowing follows the Baldwin family as they struggle to move forward after the tragic loss of the family’s beloved son, Angel.  Away at college, Angel discovers that he is HIV positive and his world is turned upside down.  Ashamed and embrassed, Angel decided to keep his illness a secret from everyone except his mother and ultimately chooses death over treatment.  Pained beyond imagination, Momma decides to keep Angel’s illness a secret from the rest of the family.  After Angel’s death, however, his secret threatens to tear the family apart, and a search for the truth unearths more questions than answers.

Outliers (Thirty Minute Comedy) – Two young executives search for success in show business. They are polar opposites in every way, but have one thing in common: ambition.  After several grueling years of corporate America, they leave their lucrative six figure salaries behind to start a talent agency in New York City. Each day, they fight and bicker with one another as they grow accustomed to their different work styles and embark on a journey to build their new empire.

  P.S. 357 (Play) – A new play written by Alberto Bonilla, P.S. 357 is a theatrical experience like no other. Set in a high school classroom on a day when someone brings a gun, the audience experiences a high school shooting from the point of view of the students. The eight actors vividly live through the moments before the fatal incident, as the shooter changes every night. Neither the actors nor the audience will know who the shooter is until the fatal moment.


It Happened in Key West It Happened In Key West is the true 1930’s story of a scientist who finally meets the woman he has been envisioning and desperately seeking since he was a teen, only to find out that she is suffering from tuberculosis. 

How can he win over the woman he has sought all his life and save her from a certain death?
What follows are his desperate and unorthodox attempts to save her life at all costs, and the undying love he displays when she succumbs to her illness.
Does this undying love show devotion beyond measure, the purest of loves? Or a sick macabre sensibility?  The true story stirred and divided the Key West community with intrigue, disgust, sympathy and romanticism over the scientist who became hopelessly inseparable from the woman of his dreams.